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Brendan Luna

Step 1: Pick a Package
  • Elite Activation - Builder Pack

    Elite Activation - Builder Pack

    Become an Elite BioReigns Rep with this Builder Pack that includes:
    1200 mg Daily Tincture x1
    1200 mg CBDzZz x1
    Limitless x1
    Pain Relief Cream x1
    DermAffect x1
    BioReigns Essentials Sample Pack x9

    QV: 417
    CV: 400


  • Elite Activation - Variety Pack

    Elite Activation - Variety Pack

    Become an Elite Rep with this Variety Pack! This pack contains the following:
    1200mg Day Tincture & Full Spectrum
    1200mg Sleep Tincture
    1200mg Lean
    Pain Relief Cream
    Full Spectrum, Daily, Sleep and Limitless Samples x3
    Gummy Bear Sample x2

    CV: 400
    QV: 417


  • Elite Activation - Family Pack

    Elite Activation - Family Pack

    Become an Elite BioReigns Rep with this Family Pack. The pack includes:
    1200 mg Daily Tincture x2
    1200 mg Lean x2
    1200 mg CBDzZz x2
    Limitless x2
    Pain Relief Cream x2
    DermAffect x2
    CBD Gummy Bears x1
    Daily Essential Sample Pack x9


  • Elite Activation

    Elite Activation

    Become an Elite Rep! This Package includes $599 in Gift Card Credit for you to use as you would like.
    *Purchases using Gifted Card Credit does not provide any CV or QV*

    CV: 400
    QV: 417


  • Manager Activation - Starter Pack

    Manager Activation - Starter Pack

    Become a BioReigns Manager with this activation package! This package contains the following:

    1200 mg Daily Tincture
    1200 mg CBDzZz
    CBD Lean
    Sample Pack (Day, CBDzzz, Limitless samples) x 1

    QV: 175
    CV: 175


  • Distributor Activation

    Distributor Activation

    Enroll directly as a Distributor with this package! This package includes:

    - Day Tincture ($59.99)
    - Distributor Activation ($50.00)

    CV & QV: 35


  • Enrollee Activation

    Enrollee Activation

    Become an active distributor at the Enrollee Rank!

    CV: 0 QV: 35