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Frequently Asked Questions

Faq Questions

A: Unfortunately, at this moment, we do not ship outside of the United States. However, you can locate a distributor who is willing to provide you with products, and the distributor can ship the products to you. They are responsible for any rules and regulations relating to shipping out the product.

A: Bioreigns products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

A: Bioreigns does provide wholesale options, but it requires customers to sign up as distributors. The wholesale price varies, but there are multiple different packages available.

A: Bioreigns’ products and their ingredients can be found on their respective product pages and in the shopping page.

A: The Certificate of Analysis for our CBD can be found here

A: Proof of no THC in the product can be found here

A: Though our products are all natural, individuals should discuss adding any new regimen or supplement to their diet with your primary care physician. You should bring in the list of ingredients of our products to discuss with your physician.

A: No, your body will turn the excess to waste.

A: Yes! Most customers and distributors use our whole line daily for maximum effects.

A: Becoming a distributor is easy! Simply go to your sponsors replicated website or, and click “Become A Distributor” and begin filling out your information!

A: Immediately! As soon as you fill in your information and purchase a package your replicated website goes live and you can begin!

A: You can find a suggested dosing chart here at

A: No. Our day tincture does not contain melatonin.

A: You’re skin! Most people use on the face, however, its been known to relieve burns, wounds, and scarring.

A: The gummy bears are not vegan, however we do offer organic! Our Daily Tincture, CBDZZZ, and Limitless are vegan!

A: Dosages for our different formats can be found on the product page under the directions.

A: We are THC free.

Distributor FAQ Questions